Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Bees' Buzz

The countryside's rhythm is supported by the subtle hum of bees' merriment as they flower-hop, collecting nectar. Their dance continues on a second trip from the hive, this time collecting pollen. With the transfer of contents between field bees and hive bees taking place in a collection of hexagonal wax cells, temperatures rise, and the warmed air moves as the honeybees' wings flutter...soon to be transformed into liquid gold. The cool, sweet glisten of glowing honey. What a satisfying delight it brings when drizzled atop a homemade biscuit.

Soaking in the beauty of La Cienega Boulevard, an enticing breeze caught my attention. Sweet aromas were magnetic and drew me into a California confectioner's sanctuary. The Tiffany Blue interior and lush chocolate trim put one in the mood for buying and sampling! Pastels in luminescent color were like tinsel to a cardinal. Over stimulation of the senses brought many squeals of excitement. If in the area, you must take a detour to Boule Pastry Shop!!!

As my finger followed the curved glass of the ice cream freezer-display, my eyes widened when reading, "Roquefort & Honey Holiday". This delicious balance of the unexpected was persuading enough to hypnotically lead me to place an order. An experience to be branded into one's memory from everything including the clean and fresh ambiance, the old world charm of Parisian baskets and baguettes, to unique gelato flavors only to be rivaled by Cincinnati's own, Madisono's Gelato. Matt Madison’s must try flavors include Lemon Basil, Bananas Foster (special for Nada atop chocolate soufflĂ©) and even the Grapefruit sorbet which Nada has inventively added to their homemade grapefruit margarita laying a foam kiss as it melts, which is to die for!

The Painted Memory interprets fond photographs as custom watercolors. An artistic impression of your adventures immortalized.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Cinematic Symphony

A visit to the opening night of Cincinnati’s Symphony series drew magnetic crowds to the 1878 burnt-red brick historic landmark, Music Hall.

All ages flooded through the doors of a sold-out production as the lights flashed and chimes sounded the arrival of piano talent, Lang Lang, to the stage. Hailed the “hottest artist on the classical music planet” by the New York Times.

At age 3, Lang Lang began tickling the ivories. Natural ability propelled a skyrocketing career. And now, 24 years later, Lang Lang’s resume commands the respect of international dignitaries, maestros of renowned Philharmonic Orchestras across the globe, and jazz greats such as Herbie Hancock.

As the evening evolved, his emotive expression gave feeling to each note. A rhythmic rainbow swirled from the piano cords captivating all in a melodic trance. With a crowd over 3,500 on its feet, cheering an encore performance worthy of Beethoven’s pride, the pop of champagne echoed through the halls calling all to celebrate.

The “Afterburn” party fueled excitement of mad chaos, glasses clinking and toes tapping to the beat of a great band. Reflections of a sensory explosion left attendees with a glazed smile at its conclusion.

The Painted Memory