Monday, November 21, 2011

Party Animal Thanksgiving

A day that wouldn't be complete without the National Dog Show and John O'Hurley as the host. Even if you're not the dog-lover that I am, the beloved Mr. Peterman's commentary makes it well worth having on in the background of your Thursday festivities. Catch a few moments of his canine clowning and the obvious metaphors far from official will have you thoroughly entertained. - John O'Hurley

We have so much to be grateful for in America and my sister is good of reminding me of this. It's easy to take for granted, but just think, if each day you jotted down a thought of what you're thankful for or how you've been blessed, you would find a journal overflowing one-calendar year later and be overwhelmed reading each on Thanksgiving 2012.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Opening Weekend at Keeneland - Begging for a Break in Tradition

My horse betting strategy is very scientific! Always drawn to color and design, the rationale of black & white statistics in the day’s program are trumped by the power of persuasion during the paddock parade. Flamboyant silks and caps, plus a horse with spunk, become my top picks.

The evolution of the colored racing silks can be traced to the European medieval tradition of coats of arms associated with particular families and affiliations. (History of Jockey Silks)

The turf track is an equestrian runway. Coats of arms may be a medieval pastime. Design your own silk & cap with a contemporary twist and use fashion trends to modernize the apparel of the thoroughbred rider.

My inspired superfecta: Navaho, Pretty in Paisley, Eye Candy, Wild Safari
I think fashion silks are a winning bet


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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspired Brand

A Cincinnati classic is the Camargo Hunter Trials. This happens to be my favorite entrance to Fall! Tailgating with a backdrop of horses and hounds. At such an event, it seems almost necessary to sport country-chic with a new accent piece...your own customized matchbook.

Today, each person is a brand. Facebook, Twitter, and all Social Media outlets create the framework of your brand equity, with newsfeed updates poising your brand essences. With trending simplicity and society's crave of the tangible, nostalgia's past creeps into today...revive the matchbox with your custom message.

What's your personal logo? Modernize your family crest with graphic iconography or invent a unique symbol to be debossed on a set of matchbooks. Next time you go to light a stoggie, you'll spark instant fan fair for your personal brand!

My recent theme party wouldn't have been complete with out the signature matchbox to light cigars in style when doled out at 1am!
For the perfect source, visit:

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Over-the-Rhine 5 K + Historic Appeal

Lace up your shoes and run OTR's 5k this weekend. A perfect way to breeze by Italianate buildings, cool new lofts and see the nation's largest, most intact urban historic district in the United States. You can't go wrong starting your Saturday in the Gateway Quarter. This artsy part of town has been compared to to the French Quarter in New Orleans and even Greenwich Village in New York City.

Register today!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To Be Tantalizing

I love the idea of what perfume represents. The juxtaposed combinations of earth’s natural gems formulating the perfect elixir to the skin. The science behind combinations of citrus, fleurs, balsam, and oils interacting with one’s body chemistry to evoke just that...a spark from those who stroll by.

Fragrance is your escape to display pure attitude without equivocal conversation, not just an air of confidence, but carte blanche to be the pouty, flirty, or saucy vixen until it’s scent fades...and the magical spell is broken. A signature potion can slow the world’s turn and draw others into your intimate space. How do you define it? By season, mood, activity, seduction? Each pulsing heartbeat sends a surge into the atmosphere of those within the depths of your reach.

“Under her reign, perfume ruled Egypt. Banquet halls were perfumed. Sweets were perfumed. Baths were perfumed. Incense smoke filled the streets. And Cleopatra had the sails of her barge soaked with perfume when setting off to seduce Mark Antony.” -Encyclopedia of the Exquisite by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins

What signature scent do you display on your vanity?
In search of inspiration, journey to the isle of Capri to create your own concoction at Carthusia.

That’s right ladies, with St. Valentine’s on his way; spritz a little extra liquid allure.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cincinnati & Its Love of Chili

Findlay Market recently hosted a Chili Cook-Off. For those of you with any familiarity to the Queen City know how passionate Cincinnatians are about their chilli, and know that any contest with this subject would have high stacks. Whether its secret ingredient is chocolate and cinnamon atop spaghetti noodles or Mom’s hearty ground beef in a tomato base, we pride ourselves on owning these unique combinations. Check-out their calendar for the upcoming Mardi Gras festivities or a good excuse to enjoy a lazy Sunday with live music, hot Belgium waffles, and authentic macaroons. Findlay Market Events Calendar
This eclectic experience is multi-sensorial, and the perfect backdrop displaying the old-world charm of a German village in the heart of Cincinnati.
The scarf I'm wearing is Caribbean Escapade $118
(100% Silk in tangerine & coral, with hints of mango, amethyst and aqua)
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