Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inspired Brand

A Cincinnati classic is the Camargo Hunter Trials. This happens to be my favorite entrance to Fall! Tailgating with a backdrop of horses and hounds. At such an event, it seems almost necessary to sport country-chic with a new accent piece...your own customized matchbook.

Today, each person is a brand. Facebook, Twitter, and all Social Media outlets create the framework of your brand equity, with newsfeed updates poising your brand essences. With trending simplicity and society's crave of the tangible, nostalgia's past creeps into today...revive the matchbox with your custom message.

What's your personal logo? Modernize your family crest with graphic iconography or invent a unique symbol to be debossed on a set of matchbooks. Next time you go to light a stoggie, you'll spark instant fan fair for your personal brand!

My recent theme party wouldn't have been complete with out the signature matchbox to light cigars in style when doled out at 1am!
For the perfect source, visit:

Grey Hall

Grey Hall Design

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